Information for Session Chairs and Authors

Session Rooms
The session rooms are equipped with a computer notebook projection system, Personal Computer with USB ports and a microphone. There will also be a helper in each room.

Session Chairs
Please be in the session venue at least 10 minutes before the session starts. Authors have been requested to be at the venue at this time.

Each paper is allotted 20 minutes for the presentation including the Question/Answer time. Please stick to the program schedule. If the author is not present for a paper, please use this time to have a break or have further discussion on the previous presentation. For audience who are leaving the session, please ask them to come back for the next paper according to the schedule.

You just need to introduce the names and affiliations of the presenter. Adding more information on the presenters biography is optional.

Please also facilitate the Q & A time after the presentation. The presentation is typically 15 mins followed by a 5 mins Q & A time.

Please be in the session venue at least 10 minutes before the session starts. Session Chairs have also been requested to be there at that time. Please identify yourself to the Session Chair(s). Please give your name, affiliation and country to the Session Chair. Please also provide more information on your biography if you want the chair to mention this.

Please test your presentation to make sure it works well with the projection system, and transfer the files to the computer there if needed.

Student Helpers
There will always be at least one student helper in the session room. Please feel free to ask their help regarding anything.