The Research of Flexible Electric Conducting Sealing System

Gu Ji-Feng1, Ping Li-Hao1, Tong Han-Quan2 and Wu Hui-Xiang3

1Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology, Nanjing, 210039, China

2Zhangjiagang Golden Eagle Seals Factory, Zhangjiagang, 215635

3Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Nanjing, 210016


In this paper, through test of electric conducting, sealing, and friction performance of 1:4 small sample of flexible electric conducting sealing system, and test of distortion follow-up performance, sealing effect, and fatigue life of 1:1 large sample, we conclude that under the condition without oil film on sealing surface, the sealing device supported by graphite seal ring and metal bellows has good electric conduction. With distortion of sealing surface, the effect of sealing is good and the fatigue life is long.

Keywords: Elastic component, Metal bellows, Seal ring.

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