Study on the Feeds Phase Centre of Distorted Reflector Antenna

Li-Wei Songa and Fei Zheng

Key Laboratory of Electronic Equipment Structure Design, Ministry of Education, Xidian University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, 710071, China.


The focus of this paper is to study on the feeds phase centre of distorted reflector antenna. A novel mathematical model is developed for determining power pattern subject to feeds phase centre errors and distorted reflector surface errors caused by thermal, gravitational, dynamic and other effects. In this model, feeds phase centre errors include positional error and orientational error. A finite element method is used for structural analysis to determine the distorted reflector. Furthermore, the optimization model of feeds phase centre for optimal gain was given based on the above model. Finally, an 8-m antenna system, as an example, is discussed at almost all the working or loading cases and the results are given.

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