Manually Guided Robot Manipulator in a Constraint Condition with Small Contact Force

Chan Hun Parka, Jin Ho Kyungb and Dong Il Parkc

Department of Robotics & Intelligent Machinery, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, 171 Jang-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 305-343, Republic of Korea.


This article proposes a control scheme to guide a manipulator manually in a constraint condition by the teaching force and moment of an operator. With the proposed control scheme, the position and orientation of the manipulator can be manually guided even when the manipulator comes into contact with the workpiece and the contact has to be maintained while under manual guidance. When contact between the manipulator and the workpiece occurs, the teaching force by the operator is modified to guide the manipulator effectively in a constraint condition. The proposed method of modifying the teaching force is termed the “teaching force shaping method” in this paper. The manipulator is controlled to comply with the shaped teaching force, the teaching moment and the contact force. Verification of the proposed control scheme is demonstrated through experimental results.

Keywords: Manual guidance, Teaching force, Contact force, Impedance, Compliance.

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