Best Paper Award

All papers were reviewed by at least 2 independent reviewers. Papers were shortlisted for the “Best Paper Award” by the Technical Program Committee based on the scores of the reviewers, and recommendations for “Best Paper Award”. The following are the short-listed papers. The winner will be announced during the Conference Banquet

Generalized Taylor Series Expansion for Contour Error Compensation
Feng Huo and Aun-Neow Poo

Misalignment-Robust Facial Expression Recognition
Haibin Yan, Marcelo H. Ang Jr and Aun Neow Poo

Warehouse Inventory Automation using an Rfid Scanner Robot
Yongtae Do and Minhyuk Son

Neural Networks based System Identification for an Unmanned Helicopter System
Syariful Syafiq Shamsudin, Xiaoqi Chen, Wenhui Wang, Christopher E. Hann and Geoffrey Chase

International Mechatronics Education using E-learning System
S. Hata

A Caution Cognition for Driving Control in Steer-by-wire based Tractor-trailer Vehicle System
Yuki Katayama and Toshiyuki Murakami

Three Dimensional Attitude Control of an Underactuated Satellite with Thrusters
Yasuhiro Yoshimura, Takashi Matsuno and Shinji Hokamoto

Obstacle Avoidance and Path Planning using Color Information for a Biped Robot Equipped with a Stereo Camera System
Masaaki Kitaoka, Atsushi Yamashita and Toru Kaneko