Research on Collaborative Simulation Technology of Mechanical Electronic Hydraulic System for Radar Bionic Power Device

Peng Guo-Peng, Zhou Jian-Hua and Huang Hai-Tao

Nanjing Research Institute of Electronics Technology, Nanjing, 210039, China.


The radar bionic power device is a complicated mechanical, electronic and hydraulic integrative system. It’s difficult to describe the system exactly by only one simulation software. In order to study the dynamic characteristics of the system, the mechanical, hydraulic and control models are established respectively using Adams, HyPneu and Matlab software, and the collaborative simulation plant of mechanical electronic hydraulic system is set up in Matlab/Simulink environment by software interface technology. Finally, the collaborative simulation is realized of the mechanical electronic hydraulic system for bionic power device. Results show that the collaborative simulation of Adams, HyPneu and Matlab software is a valid way to describe the characteristics of mechanical, electronic and hydraulic system

Keywords: Collaborative simulation, Mechanical electronic hydraulic system, Bionic power device, HyPneu.

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