Technical Papers

A Framework for Mining Evolving User Profiles on Web Usage
G. Kalyani and B. Eswara Reddy

A Novel Framework of Decision Support System based on ERP
Manish Kumar, Ashish Avasthi, Gaurav Mishra and Kamal Srivastava

A Performance based Search Engine Technique for Web Mining
Ram Kumar Sahu and Yogendra Kumar Jain

A Perspective View on Breast Cancer Classification using Data Mining Techniques
R. Geetha Ramani and Blessy Antony

A Survey on Exact and Error Tolerant Graph Matching
P. S. Karemore

Agent based Market Analysis using Data Mining
C. Nandini and C. Rohini

Classification-based Retrieval Methods to Enhance Information Discovery on the Web
Sandeep Wadekar and Yogendra Kumar Jain

Content based Image Retrieval using Colour and Texture
Surekha Tadse and A. S. Khobragade

Customer Sentiment Extraction using Text Mining
Abhyuday Patrikar and Nikhil Funde

Data Clustering
Madhuri A. Dalal and Umesh L. Kulkarni

Data Stream Querying: Challenges and Issues
J. Chandrika and K. R. Ananda Kumar

Delegation in Workflow Systems Using RBAC
Padmavati S. Dandannavar and Prasanna H. Bammigatti

Dynamic Approach for CPU Scheduling in Real Time Database
Nitesh A. Ghodichor and Nitin J. Janwe

Efficient Frequent Pattern Mining in Web Log
Lokesh K. Sharma, Naresh K. Kar, Dharmendra K. Roy and Ranjana Vyas

Efficient Similarity Profiled Temporal Association Mining using FP-tree
Mamta Agrawal, Asha Ambhaikar and Lokesh Kumar Sharma

FP-tree and COFI based Approach for Mining of Multiple Level Association Rules in Large Databases
Virendra Kumar Shrivastava, Parveen Kumar and K. R. Pardasani

Framework for Preserving the Privacy of Data using Classification on Perturbed Data
P. Kamakshi and A. Vinaya Babu

Fundamentals of Grid Computing and Feature Comparison with Clusters
Nitisha Jain and Ratnakar Madan

Grid Computing in Mathematical Expression
M. Maithili

Hierarchical Approach for Online Mining –Emphasis towards Software Metrics
M. V. Vijaya Saradhi, B. R. Sastry and P. Satish

Human Gait and Gait Databases
Asif Ali Banka and Ajaz Hussain Mir

Magic Behind Ontology Creation With Example
Sumit Jain, S. Tanwani and Ankur Panot

Mariposa A Wide-area Distributed Database System
B. Praveen Kumar and A. V. N. P. Nikhil

Measurement of Quality Parameters for Data Warehouse
MD. Ilyas Khan and R. K. Singh

One Time Mining (OTM) using Reduced Candidate Set (RCS) Algorithm
Manoj Bahel and Chhaya Dule

Ontology based Web Page Annotation for Effective Information Retrieval
S. Kalarani and G. V. Uma

Partition based Clustering Algorithms: A Brief Study on the K-Means Algorithm & its Variants
Mrinal Kanti Ghose and Samarjeet Borah

“Performance Evaluation of Global Query Execution in Distributed Databases Through Semantic Query Optimization Technique”
Deepak Sukheja and Umesh K Singh

Performance Evaluation of Support Vector Regression for Intrusion Detection
M. Govindarajan and R. M. Chandrasekaran

Privacy Preserving on Positive and Negative Pattern Mining in Progressive Database using Noisy Data
Vinti Nanda and Asha Ambhaikar

Program Plagiarism Detection using Data Dependency Matrix Method
Seema Kolkur and Madhavi M. Naik (Samant)

Query Processing
Vandana Jindal and Anil Kumar Verma

Real-Time Data Analysis: Stirring Information Management from Analysis to Analytics
Sandeep Kumar Sharma and Satya Roddam

Spatial Data Mining Application to Traffic Analysis
K. V. Suhasini and K. N. Vijaykumar

SQL Injection – Database Attack Revolution and Prevention
Ramakanth Dorai, Vinodkannan Arumugam, Logashkumar Veerabadran and Laxmikanth Dorai

Web User Session Traffic Tracing Via Clustering Techniques
G. Sivasankari and O. Pandithurai

Art of Writing Good Technical Abstracts (Non IEEE Informative Paper)
K. Kokula Krishna Hari

Art of Writing Effective Technical Paper and Presentation
K. Kokula Krishna Hari and S. Prithiv Rajan