Human Gait and Gait Databases

Asif Ali Bankaa and Ajaz Hussain Mir

Department of Electronics and Communication, National Institute of Technology, Srinagar.


There is considerable support for the notion that each person’s gait is unique. It has been observed in literature that people can be recognized by the way they walk. The same notion has been observed in medicine and biomechanics though not in the context of biometrics but more as an assertion of individuality. Perhaps driven by these notions, though without reference to them, there has been work in psychology on the human ability to recognize each other by using gait. People have also studied walking from medical and biomechanical perspectives, and this gives insight into how its properties can change which is of general interest in any biometric deployment. This paper gives the references from the history; about the gait biometrics and the information about the databases available for the researchers.

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