SQL Injection – Database Attack Revolution and Prevention

Ramakanth Dorai1, Vinodkannan Arumugam1, Logashkumar Veerabadran2 and Laxmikanth Dorai2

1Computer Science and Engineering, S.N.S College of Technology-Coimbatore

2Electronics and Engineering, S.N.S College of Technology-Coimbatore


SQL injection came with a bang and caused revolution in database attacking. In recent years, with the explosion in web-based commerce and information systems, databases have been drawing ever closer to the network and it is critical part of network security. .This paper is incorporated with our research and firsthand experience in hacking the database by SQL injection. Database is the Storage Brain of a website. An hacked database is the resource for Passwords, juicy information like credit card number, bank account number and every important thing that are forbidden. So importance should be given for preventing database exploitation by SQL injection. the aim of this paper is to create awareness among web developers or database administrators about the crying need for database security. The aim is also to totally eradicate the whole concept of SQL injection and to avoid this technique becoming a play thing in hands of exploiters.

Keywords: Database security, SQL injection.

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