Data Stream Querying: Challenges and Issues

J. Chandrika1 and K. R. Ananda Kumar2

1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MCE, Hassan, India.

2Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SJBIT, Bangalore, India.


This overview paper emphasizes the research issues arising from a new model of data processing. In this model, data does not take the form of persistent relations, but rather arrives in multiple, continuous, rapid, time-varying data streams. The characteristic of data stream is that it has huge size and its data changes continuously. Querying is the most frequent operation performed on data streams. While querying the data streams we come across several challenging issues. This paper reviews the past work relevant to querying the data stream systems and also explores new requirements and challenges in Data stream query processing.

Keywords: Data streams, Continuous queries, Sliding-window, Query shedding.

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