Poster Session – 5


Wednesday, January 6, 2010 / 14:45 – 16:45

Quenching of a High Temperature Porous Particle Bed
Florian Fichot, Olivia Coindreau, Patrick Drai, Nourdine Chikhi and Joelle Fleurot

Development of Multi-Layer Feed Forward Back Propagation Neural Network Model for Shell Side Thermal Rating of Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Deepa Pandey, Akash Pandey and P. Prabhakaran

Numerical Computation of One-Dimensional Unsteady Two-Phase Flow
Sandip Kumar Sarma, Atanu Bhuyan, Manmohan Pandey and S. K. Gupta

Radiative Heat Transfer in Three Dimensional Enclosures Containing Participating Media with Heat Generation
Mitesh Shah, Prabal Talukdar and P. M. V. Subbarao

Modeling of PB-40 WT% SN Solidification Using Explicit-Implicit Scheme
R. Pardeshi, A. K. Singh and P. Dutta

CFD Analysis of Flue Gas Duct of 500 MW Pulverized Coal Boiler
Ritesh Kumar, Prabal Talukdar and PMV Subbarao

A Non-Iterative Procedure Based on State Space Model for Inverse Heat Conduction Boundary Estimation
Arindam Das, Purna Chandra Mishra, Achintya Mukhopadhyay, Dipankar Sanyal and Swarnendu Sen

Investigation of Bulk Radiation on Natural Convection and Heat Transfer in a Partially Heated Side Wall
Piyush G. Bhakhar and Hemant B. Mehta

Phase Inversion During Liquid - Liquid Flows and its Influence on Mass Transfer Characteristics
P. Mondal, S. Ghosh and G. Das

Power, Efficiency, Entropy Generation Rate and Ecological Optimization of an Irreversible Otto Cycle with Variable Specific Heats
Hemant B. Mehta and Omprakash S. Bharti

An Experimental Study on the Interface Mass Transfer Governing Thermodynamics of Stored Liquids
Dibakar Rakshit, Ramesh Narayanaswamy, Tam Truong and Krish P. Thiagarajan

Enhancement of Heat Transfer in a 3-D Square Duct with Porous Inserts
P. Parthasarathy, V. Ratna Kishore, Prabal Talukdar and Anjan Ray

Analysis of Heat Transfer in Water-Carbon Dioxide Microchannel Gas Coolers for Heat Pump Water Heaters
Brian M. Fronk and Srinivas Garimella

Numerical Study of Flow Field Characteristics for a Random Narrow Fixed Bed Reactor using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Jangiti Saiprasad, Nanak Grewal and Nikhil Patel

Simulation of Heat Conduction by Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics: Application for Two Dimensional Skew Symmetric Bodies
Vinod Vishwakarma, Arup Kumar Das and Prasanta Kumar Das

Analysis of Conduction Controlled Rewetting Considering Different Regimes of Boiling
Nagesh D. Patil, Prasanta Kumar Das and Souvik Bhattacharya

Power Maneuvering Thermalhydraulics, Control and Reactivity Feedbacks for Connected Parallel Loops Boiling Channel Type Power Plants
Avinash J. Gaikwad, P. K. Vijayan, Kannan N. Iyer, Sharad Bharteya, Rajesh Kumar, H. G. Lele,
S. F. Vhora, A. K. Maurya, Philip Fernando, A. K. Ghosh and H. S. Khushwaha

Heat Transfer Enhancement Due to Cavities in Impinging Jets
Andrew J. C. King and Tilak T. Chandratilleke

Simulation of a Hybrid Ammonia/Water High Temperature Heat Pump
Iris Mersmann and Stephan Kabelac

Numerical Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer During Forced Convective Drying of 3-D Moist Object
V. P. Chandra Mohan and Prabal Talukdar

Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Fin-Tube Heat Exchangers by Vortex Generators in Common-Flow-Up and Common-Flow-Down Configurations
S. Jayavel and Shaligram Tiwari

Lagrangian Study of Particle Trajectory Due to Vortices Generated by Vortex Generators Mounted in Various Configurations
S. Jayavel and Shaligram Tiwari

Theoretical Analysis of an Indirect Air Conditioning System Using Liquid Carbon Dioxide as Secondary Fluid
Ajay Kumar Yadav, M. Ram Gopal and Souvik Bhattacharyya

A New Near-Saturation Equation of State for Titanium Vapor for Use in Models Simulating Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Processes
Kevin Gott, Anil Kulkarni and Jogender Singh

Effective Thermal Conductivity of Metal Hydride-Metal Matrix Composites: A Theoretical Investigation
Kyle C. Smith and Timothy S. Fisher

Techniques for the Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids-An Appraisal Based on Published Literature and Indigenous Experiments
Gayatri Paul, Manoj Chopkar, Indranil Manna and Prasanta Kumar Das

Transient Simulation of an Air Conditioned Building Using Enthalpy Wheel as Energy Conservation Measure
Ankur Khandelwal, Prabal Talukdar and Sanjeev Jain

Influence of Coolant Compound Injection Orifices on Film Cooling Effectiveness
S. Sunil Kumar, V. Sumesh and N. K. Gupta

Investigation of Contact Conductance Across an Explosive Welded Bimetallic Joint
Reji Joseph, N. Asok Kumar and S. Sunil Kumar

Numerical Simulations of Heat Transport in Human Eye Undergoing Laser Surgery
Kaushal Kumar Jha and Arunn Narasimhan

Numerical Simulations of Natural Convection Inside Bi-Disperse Porous Medium Enclosure
B. V. K. Reddy and Arunn Narasimhan

Effect of Adiabatic Entry on Forced Convection Heat Transfer with Viscous Dissipation in Thermally Developing Region of an Annulus
M. M. J. Kumar and V. V. Satyamurty

Single Lens Based Schlieren Microscope for Investigation of Buoyancy-Induced Convective Field Around a Crystal Growing from its Aqueous Solution
Atul Srivastava, K. Murayama and K. Tsukamoto

Unsteady Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis of Hydrogen Absorption in Liquid Cooled Metal Hydride Beds
Sita Ramaraju, Shaligram Tiwari and S. Srinivasa Murthy

Local Thermal Non-Equilibrium in Entrance Region of a Porous Channel
A. Nouri-Borujerdi and A. Meghdari

Experimental Study on Non-Phase Change Heat Pipe and its Mechanism Analysis
Suvit Lee, Dazhong Yuan and Bangxian Wu

Co-Firing Coal: Litter Biomass Blends in a Laboratory Scale Boiler-Burner
Ben Thien, Ben Lawrence and Kalyan Annamalai

Local Nusselt Numbers for Flow Through Asymmetrically Heated Parallel Plate Channels by Superposition
V. V. Satyamurty and Ramjee Repaka

Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Turbulent Flow in Blade Passages of Centrifugal Fan Impeller
Poornanand Jandhyala and Pradip Majumdar

Effect of Axial Conduction on Laminar Forced Convective Heat Transfer Enhancement by Porous Inserts in Parallel Plate Channels
V. V. Satyamurty and D. Bhargavi

Simulation of Regenerative Cooling System Performance for Large Expansion Ratio Rocket Motors
R. Manikanda Kumaran, R. Sreenivasan, S. Ganesan and T. Sundararajan

Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Analysis in a Plate Heat Exchanger
Rajinder Singh and S. S. Kachhwaha

Burning and Extinction Characteristics of Methanol Fed Porous Sphere Flames Under Carbon-Dioxide Enriched Air
V. Avinash, Shintre Parag and Vasudevan Raghavan

Three Mile Island-2 Accident Analysis with RELAP5/SCDAP Code
S. L. Sharma, P. Krishna Kumar, H. P. Rammohan, P. K. Malhotra, S. G. Ghadge
and Umesh Chandra

Evaluation of Ejector Performance for Aircraft Compact Heat Exchanger Application — A CFD Study
L. Sheik Ismail, H. M. Shivakumar and Ch. Ranganayakulu

A Unified Treatment of Benard Convection in Newtonian, Non-Newtonian, Porous Media and Double Diffusive Flows
V. Dakshina Murty, David M. Pratt and Larry W. Byrd

Thermal Analysis of Foil Heaters for Estimation of Maximum Heat Flux for Space Applications
K. Karthikeyan, S. G. Barve, Y. G. N. Appa Rao and Alok Shrivastava

Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in a Ribbed Coolant Passage
Abhishek G. Ramgadia and Arun K. Saha

Numerical Study of Flow and Heat Transfer in a Wavy Channel
Vipin B. Gawande, Abhishek G. Ramgadia and Arun K. Saha

Mixed Convective Flow and Heat Transfer Through a Channel with Surface Mounted Obstacles
Arun K. Saha and Twinkle Malik

A Finite Volume Model of Charring and Ablation
Sourabh Deshpande, S. Pavithran and Venkatesh Iyer

Inverse Conduction in a System Undergoing Charring and Ablation
S. Pavithran, Sourabh Deshpande and Venkatesh Iyer

Local Convective Heat Transfer Coefficients in Plate Heat Exchangers
Stephan Kabelac and Sebastian Freund

Analytical Solution for Laminar Film Condensation along a Vertical Flat Plate Under Sinusoidal G-Jitter
Pradyumma Ghosh, Abhishek C. Sarkar and S. S. Mondal

Chacracteristics of In–Line Tube Bundle Heat Transfer to Vertical Foam Flow
Jonas Gylys, Stasys Sinkunas, Tadas Zdankus, Martynas Babilas