ISHMT-ASME Heat and Mass Transfer Conferences have grown steadily in terms of their character and diversity. They are now regarded as one of the leading conferences in the area of heat and mass transfer in the sub-continent and hence attract almost all of the leading heat and mass transfer researchers in India and many from abroad.

The present conference, 9th in the series, received an overwhelming 466 abstracts. After the two stage review process, 258 full length papers have been accepted for publication in the proceedings. While dealing with such magnitudes, a significant amount of support is needed to maintain the quality of papers. There is a need to identify the right people and give them the right amount of load. For the first time, all the papers were handled electronically at all stages. To maintain the quality of papers, 171 reviewers were identified and a maximum of 5 papers were sent to the most suitable reviewers. Among these, 122 participated and I am greatly indebted to their contributions. Besides this, we had a large editorial committee to ensure that every reviewer’s comment was fully taken into account in the final paper. For this, all the faculty members in the thermal and fluid sciences group at IITB were involved and I am thankful to their whole hearted cooperation. The entire process, of maintaining the web and interactions with the authors, reviewers, editors and publishers, has been handled by our students and I express my deep appreciation to them. Without their timely help, the process would have been impossible.

Coming to the organization of the event, I am indebted to Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., for becoming a part of the organising committee and agreeing to co-host the event. The whole hearted cooperation from them was crucial to meet the event management needs.

The ISHMT-ASME Conference has the tradition of having the contributory papers in the format of a poster session to promote interaction amongst researchers and have specialists as invited speakers to present the state of the art. As a deviation from the past, 22 additional papers were accepted for presentation as posters which had sufficient technical content but just fell short of the reviewers’ expectations.

This conference has 2 plenary and 12 keynote sessions. True to the tradition of cooperation between ASME and ISHMT, ASME has nominated 7 speakers from US who are distinguished in their areas of expertise. I am deeply indebted to them for this gesture.

Prof. Kannan N. Iyer
Organizing Secretary,