Design and Analytical Methods in Ground Improvement


Analysis of Stress Distribution in Large Diameter Concrete Pipe Pile Supported Embankment
Bo Zhang, Hanlong and Jian Chu

Analytical Solution on Vertical Dynamic Responses of PCC Piles in Soft Soil
Xuanming Ding, Hanlong Liu and Yumin Chen

Behavior of Lattice-Type Ground Improvement by Cement-Mixing for Liquefaction Mitigation
Junichi Koseki and Tsutomu Namikawa

Classification of Geotubes and Related Analysis Methods
Wei Guo, Jian Chu and Shuwang Yan

Creep Effect on Response of Granular Pile Reinforced Ground
Madhira R. Madhav, K. Suresh and E. C. Nirmala Peter

Element Analysys of Consolidation of Soil Under Surcharge and Vacuum Preloading
Liqiang Sun and Shuwang Yan

Improving Embankment Construction Efficiency by Increasing the Lift Thickness
Takayuki Adachi, Satoshi Nishimoto and Atsuko Sato

Influence of Ground Improvement on Deflections of Diaphragm Walls in Deep Excavations
Bin-Chen Benson Hsiung and Richard Nan Huei Hwang

Innovative Finite Element Model for Analysis of Soil Reinforcements
K. X. Liu, F. H. Lee and K. Y. Yong

In-Situ Study on Stress Distribution of Foundation Improved by Y-Section Pile
Yong-Hui Chen, Xin-Quan Wang, Hanlong Liu, Lian Jiang and Ting Zhang

New Theory of Consolidation Through Radial Drainage for Soft Soils
A. V. Shroff and M. V. Shah

Non-Linear Theory of Consolidation of Thick Clay Layer by PVD
P. Ayub Khan, M. R. Madhav and E. Saibaba Reddy

Settlement of Soft Clays with Prefabricated Vertical Drain
A. K. Sinha, V. G. Havanagi and S. Mathur

Settlement Response of Strip Footings Resting on Reinforced Elastic Foundation
Arindam Dey, Prabir K. Basudhar and Sarvesh Chandra