Session FP2-A: Manufacturing and Automation 2
Date/Time Friday, 17 December 2010 / 16:20 – 18:00
Venue Engineering Auditorium
Chair(s) Chun Xie and Hsi-Chuan Huang

Image Detection of Seam Line for Laser Welding Robot
Akihiko Matsushita, Takafumi Morishita, shun'ichi Kaneko, Hitoshi Ohfuji and Kaoru Fukuda

Kinematic Error Models between Milling Spindle and Bottom Turret on Turning-milling Complex Center
Chun Xie and Weimin Zhang

Design Optimization of a Green Environment Liner-less Thermal Head Printer using Genetic Programming and Linear Graphs
Y. Q. Yu, C. W. de Silva, A. N. Poo, Chao. BI, Abdullah Al Mamun and K. K. Tan

Development of Autonomous Mobile Robot by Means of the Sound Source Direction Localization for Specific Sound Source
Akihiro Kaneshige, Yoshihiro Yamshita and Satoshi Ueki

The Embedded Control System of the Bath Room Odor Free Ventilation System
Hsi-Chuan Huang, Chun-Hsien Yang and Ming-Long Wu