Kinematic Error Models between Milling Spindle and Bottom Turret on Turning-milling Complex Center

Chun Xiea and Weimin Zhangb

College of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China.


The systematic error model of a 5-axis turning-milling complex center (TMC) is established based on its kinematic equations and structural configuration. With analyzing parameter influences of relative motion axes, positioning error accordance between milling cutter mounted on milling spindle (MLS) and turning cutter mounted on bottom turret (BMT) is investigated, when their machining on one part or one process item at the same time. Relative machining positions of two cutters along X and Z axis may be ensure through aiming at TCP before machining. Relative machining positions of two cutters along Y axis can only be controlled by compensating ∆C' or ∆Y in real-time.

Keywords: Error, Structure, Kinematic, Turning-milling complex centers.

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