Development of Autonomous Mobile Robot by Means of the Sound Source Direction Localization for Specific Sound Source

Akihiro Kaneshigea, Yoshihiro Yamshita and Satoshi Ueki

Toyota National College of Technology, 2-1 Eisei-cho Toyota city, Aichi pref. Japan.


This research is concerned with the establishment of an autonomous mobile robot system that includes sound source direction localization for a specific sound source and ultrasonic obstacle recognition for path planning. The robot makes use of a specific sound source and recognizes the sound source as a destination. An ultrasonic sensor is used to recognize obstacles along the movement path. The proposed path planning method uses Srinivas’s geometrical method, and the movement path to the destination is derived by means of information about the moving direction and obstacle positions. Finally, the validity of the proposed method is confirmed by simulation and experimental results.

Keywords: Sound source direction localization, Specific sound source, Autonomous mobile robot, Obstacle recognition, Path planning.

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