Session FP1-A: Manufacturing and Automation 1
Date/Time Friday, 17 December 2010 / 13:50 – 15:50
Venue Engineering Auditorium
Chair(s) Lee Kim Seng and Jerry Fuh

A Mechatronics Approach for the On-line Assessment of Drill Wear
George Liu, Tien-I Liu and Zhiyu Gao

Ink Droplet Position Compensation based on Extended State Observer
Xiaoyang Zhao and Jin Huang

Development of the Automated Burning Process
Takehiro Fukui, Takuho Maeda and Okitoshi Tsunoda

Robust Motion Control in Mechanical System with Passivity
S. Shirouchi and T. Murakami

Experiment Research of Wire-driven Parallel Mechanism based on Full Workspace
Zhiping Chen, Jian Sang, Juyong Zhang and Rui Liu

Simple Technique for Evaluating the Finish of Surface of Through-holes using Laser Diffraction in the Shadow Region
Akihiro Kanamaru, Yuji Yoshino, Kazuyoshi Yoshino and Norikane Kanai