Ink Droplet Position Compensation based on Extended State Observer

Xiaoyang Zhaoa and Jin Huangb

Key Laboratory of Electronic Equipment Structure Design (Xidian University), Ministry of Education, Research Institute on Mechatronics, Xidian University, Xi’an, China, 710071.


The parabolic trajectory of the droplet in ink-jet printing leads to an error between its actual position and its expected position, which results in poor printing quality in high speed printing. To improve printing quality and increase printing speed, an accurate firing time estimation method is proposed to compensate the droplet position error. Firstly, a speed estimator based on Extended State Observer is designed to estimate the carriage’s speed on line. Based on the calculated horizontal displacement of the ink droplet, the exact firing time for position deviation compensation is estimated finally. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of this method, and the printing quality is improved remarkably.

Keywords: Inkjet printer, Spraying compensation, Extended state observer, ESO, Firing control.

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