Development of the Automated Burning Process

Takehiro Fukui, Takuho Maeda and Okitoshi Tsunodaa

Tokyo Denki University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ishizaka Hatoyama, Saitama, Japan.


This paper describes how to develop the automation of a bread production to provide a solution of heavy labor with a professional skill and also improvement of the bread quality. The production environment of the food is tough and hard working and also the professional skill is necessary to keep high quality in accordance with envi-ronment and customer needs, especially the bread production. Therefore the bread production is strongly required the solution to solve those problems by the automation of the bread production process of manufactures. To realize the automation, we propose a profiling method which is performed by using the image processing technology fo-cused on the burning process of the bread production under the whole day operation.

Keywords: Image procession, Production automation, Food.

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