Experiment Research of Wire-driven Parallel Mechanism based on Full Workspace

Zhiping Chena, Jian Sangb, Juyong Zhangc and Rui Liud

Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou, P.R.China, 310018.


A special IRWDPM (Incompletely Restrained Wire-Driven Parallel Mechanism) for 6 DOFs (degree of freedom) is presented, and its workspace is mainly discussed in this paper. In order to effectively solve the workspace of this IRWDPM, a new calculation method with dimension reduction is described, and also a new parameter ks is illustrated to evaluate the quality of the workspace. Then a WTD (Workspace Test Device) and its experiment system are proposed to verify the simulation results. The corresponding mechanical system of WTD and one test platform have been designed and manufactured. The control software and its user software have also been developed with Visual Basic and Matrix VB, which provide us with experiment researches on full workspace. In the process of simulation and experiment, some factors such as structure parameters of platform, wire-driven position and preload index are also compared and optimized. Finally two experiment results with different parameters were taken as examples, which demonstrated the actual platform can be controlled at -25°≤α≤25°, -25°≤β≤25° and 0°≤γ≤360°. These results prove the methods of simulation and experiment on this IRWDPM feasible. Moreover, the active workspace could be extended beyond the theory’s space; therefore, the development of this WTD will promote more practices in the engineering application.

Keywords: Wire-driven Parallel Mechanism, Incompletely restrained, The effective Workspace, Simulation and experiment.

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