Optimization of the Robots and Manipulators


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Pages: 367 pp
Year: 2010

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The fifth edition of Robotics International Conference OPTIROB 2010 is the constant preoccupation of the Robotics team from POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, Machine and Manufacturing Systems Department under the tutelage of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences, Mechanical Branch, in order to find new methods, communication ways and technologic transfer between specialists of the world, for exchanging and presenting last research results and discussing the latest development in the most important field of automation manufacturing systems, robotics.

The international conference will be held also under the highest tutelage of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences — Mechanical Branch and with the technical support of International Association of Computer Sciences and Information Technology — IACSIT Singapore, assuring by this the high level of the selected invited papers what will be presented and published in the Proceedings volume by World Academic Press.

Has been reviewed and approved over than 57 papers from 78 with subject of the robots, manipulators, automation manufacturing systems, mechatronics and intelligent systems. The optimization ways was the constructional and structural points of view, trajectory generating, command and control, programming languages, neural network and shape recognition form, management in Robotics and civil and military applications. The Proceedings contents the following sections:

• Computer design in Robotics
• Analyze and optimal synthesis
• Optimization of dynamics and vibrations
• Optimization of driving systems
• Mechatronics systems
• Optimization of controllers and programming languages
• Shape recognition
• Guidance systems and Neural networks
• Machining
• Mobile
• Walking and Parallel robots
• Management of Automation and Intelligent systems
• Civil and military application of Intelligent systems

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