Optimization of the Robots and Manipulators
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on

Adrian Olaru, Senior Member of IASCIT Singapore
Liviu Ciupitu, Member of the ARoTMM and SRoR
Serban Olaru, Member of the SRoR, RomSYS Mechatronics Systems

Table of Contents

Computer Design

The Optimal Design of the Mechanical Systems using Parametric Technique & MBS (Multi-body Systems) Software
Cătălin Alexandru

Virtual Human Bony Models Developed Through a New Modelling Alternative based on Marching Cubes Algorithm
Copilusi Cristian, Grecu Valentin and Bogheanu Marinela

Development of an Efficient Haptic System for Tooth Processing
Raluca Sofronia, Arjana Davidescu and George Savii

Optimization of the Hydraulic Bellows Engine Parameters used to Drive Irrigation Reel Hose Machine — IATF 300
Ilie Biolan, Gheorghe Sovaiala and Alexandra Liana Visan

Elastic Displacement Influence of Translation Joints on Volumetric Accuracy for Gantry Industrial Robots (Part 1)
Adrian Florin Nicolescu, Dan Marinescu and Andrei Mario Ivan

Elastic Displacement Influence of Translation Joints on Volumetric Accuracy for Gantry Industrial Robots (Part 2)
Adrian Florin Nicolescu, Dan Marinescu and Andrei Mario Ivan

FEM Modeling and Design Exploration of Mechanical Components
Cristina Pupăză, Diana Popescu and Robert Iacob

An Application of Finite Element Modeling to Pneumatic Artificial Muscle from FESTO
Alexandra Liana Visan, Nicolae Alexandrescu and Ionel Nita

Computing Techniques to Analyze the Human Hand Movements
Mihaela Baritz

Differential Transmission for Robotizing a Powered Wheelchair
Nicolae Dumitru, Raluca Malciu, Ionut Geonea, Sorin Dumitru and Violeta Dumitru

Analyze and Optimal Synthesis

Optimum Design of Multi-links Finger Grippers
Ion Simionescu and Liviu Ciupitu

Dynamic Optimization of a Plane Manipulator
Alexandru Margine, Alin Ungureanu, Gheorghe Catrina, Ionut Geonea and Ovidiu Antonescu

Prehensile and Stepping Mechanisms for Robots, based on Biomechanisms
Liliana Luca, Iulian Popescu and Stefan Ghimisi

Problems of Loading Capacity of Suction Cups in the Radial Direction
František Novotný and Marcel Horák

On the Modeling of a Hydraulic Turbine Directory Apparatus
Nicolae Dumitru, Danel Semenescu, Nicolae Craciunoiu, Daniela Vintila and Ionut Geonea

Structure and Kinematics of Mechanisms for Position and Control from Farming Machine
Ionut Geonea, Alexandru Margine, Alin Ungureanu, Nicolae Crăciunoiu and Alina Romanescu

Optimal Trajectory Planning of Cable Driven Robots with Flexible Joints
M. H. Korayem, M. Bamdad, E. Davarzani and M. R. Ashori

Optimization of Dynamics and Vibrations

Research Concerning the Dynamical Behaviour for a Linear Motor Assemnbly using FEA
Dorel Anania, Cristina Mohora, Miron Zapciu and Constantin Ispas

Regarding the Optimization of Measurement Systems for Grinding Forces In Case of High Speed Industrial Robots
Daniel Popescu, Mirela Cherciu and Dumitru Constantin

The Integral Curves of the Dynamic Model with the Fundamental Specific Features TT - DS
Barbu Grecu, George Adir, Ionel Grecu and Victor Adir

A New Approach of the Cutting Process Stability based on Recursion Modelling
Gabriel Frumuşanu and Alexandru Epureanu

Impact Test in Working Space of Milling Centers
Doina Marin, Nicolae Predincea and Dan-Mihail Marin

Optimization of Driving Systems

Researches Regarding the use of Elctrohydraulic Servosystems at Industrial Robots
Ioan Barsan and Ilie Popp

The Dynamic Behavior of the Horizontal Movement Mechanism of one Transfer Manipulator with Electro-Hydraulic Acting
Corneliu Cristescu, Petrin Drumea, Liliana Dumitrescu and Constanta Cristescu

Robotic Manipulating System Actuated by Pneumatic Muscles
Tudor Deaconescu, Andrea Deaconescu and Ioana Petre

Analysis & Modelling Options of Elastic Actuators for New Robotics uses
Valer Dolga and Lia Dolga

Research on the Stability of Electrohydraulic Servomechanisms Developed with Electrohydraulic Amplifiers of Variable Area Gradient
Dragos Daniel Ion Guta, Ioan Lepadatu, Teodor Costinel Popescu and Catalin Dumitrescu

Development of Manipulator Adaptive Drive
Konstantin Ivanov, Elena Yaroslavtseva and Baurzhan Tultaev

Improvement of the Jet Pipe Servo Valve Performance by Considering of the Importance of its Receiver Hole Geometry
Seyed Ali Jazayeri and Mojtaba Ebrahimi

Mechatronics Systems

A Mechatronics Approach to Hydraulic Drive for Applications in Robotics
Marian Blejan, Ioana Ilie and Mircea Comes

Weighting of Goods by Means of DC Motor
Radomil Matousek, Zdenek Nemec and Tomas Marada

Optimization of Controllers and Programming Languages

Using the Microcontroller and the PLC in a RPP Robot Control
Laurean Bogdan

A New Approach to Popov Criterion for Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Control Systems
Ivan Svarc

Mechanical Design and Control Issues of a Dexterous Robotic Hand
Berceanu Cosmin and Tarnită Daniela

Shape Recognition Guidance System and Neural Networks

Assisted Research of the Neural Network
Adrian Olaru, Serban Olaru, Dan Paune and Adrian Ghionea

Research of the Neural Network by Back Propagation Algorithm
Adrian Olaru, Serban Olaru and Liviu Ciupitu

Wrist Mounted Camera for Colour and Shape Recognition
Tilneac Mihaela, Sanda Grigorescu, Victor Paléologue and Valer Dolga

Buildings Inspections by Image Processing Approach
Cristian Pop and Arjana Davidescu

Machining, Mobile, Walking and Parallel Robots

The use of Sensors in a Working Area of a Mobile Robot
Mihai Alin Bitea and Valer Dolga

Assumptions and Approximations in the Modeling of Bipedal Walking using the Model of Inverted Pendulum
Ovidiu Ciontos, Valer Dolga and Alexandru-Emil Vancu

Comparative Analysis of ZMP for Biped Robot and Human Plantar Pressure
Andreea Dobra

A New Type of Walking Robot based upon Jansen Mechanism
Florina Moldovan, Valer Dolga and Carmen Sticlaru

Antropomorphe Robot with 4 Degrees of Freedom for Didactic use
Gheorghe Popescu and Ştefan Ghimişi

Management of Automation and Intelligent Systems

Product and Manufacturing Architecture Design using Virtual Modelling and Simulation Techniques
Florina Chiscop, Cicerone Laurentiu Popa and Costel Emil Cotet

Using an Object-Oriented Approach for Scalable Flexibility in Manufacturing
Ilie Popp and Ioan Barsan

Towards the Development of Internet of Things Oriented Robot to Object Interaction Framework
Aurelian Mihai Stanescu, Mihnea Alexandru Moisescu and Ioan Stefan Sacala

Optimization by Simulation of Fabrication in Manufacturing Robotized Systems
Constantin Dumitru, Violeta Cristina Dumitru and Daniel Popescu

Mathematical Modeling of Management Decision Activities with Maximum Risk in the Intelligent Robotic Systems
Constantin Dumitru, Violeta Cristina Dumitru, Mirela Cherciu and Romica Puia

Civil and Military Application of Intelligent Systems

Air Flow Analysis on the Outer Shell of an UAV
Daniela Florescu, Iulian Florescu and Dragoş Nedelcu

Static Balancing of Mechanical Systems used in Medical Engineering Field — Continuous Balancing
Liviu Ciupitu, Ion Simionescu and Adrian Olaru

Multi-role Shadow Robotic System for Independent Living (SRS)
Nedko Shivarov and Dimitar Karastoyanov

Automatised Line used for the Assembly/Test Subsystem-carcass
Dorin Telea and Stefan Barbu

Linear Robots and their Potential uses
Mikuláš Hajduk, Michal Lipčak and Alexander Voroňko

The Study of the Caking (Gloggup) Phenomena on the base of the Supersonic Jet's Model from the Spiral Jet Mills
Ileana Fulga, Eugen Străjescu

The Critic Analyze of the Theories Concerning the Mathematical Models of the Hydro-Dynamic Phenomenon at the Milling with Spiral Jet Mills
Ileana Fulga and Eugen Străjescu

The Poliarticulat Mechanical System for Minimally Invasive Interventions
Violeta Dumitru and Sorin Dumitru

Aspects Concerning an Improved Functionning of Diesel Engines based on a Three Variables Equation: Performance Map — Software — on Board Information System
Dumitru Ilie, Oprica Theodor George, Cataneanu Mihnea and Geonea Ionut

Robot- Turner
Tadeusz Mikolajczyk

System to Surface Quality Control in Robot Machining
Tadeusz Mikolajczyk

Special Session

Design of Digital Controllers for Permanent Magnet Torque Motors
Mojtaba Ebrahimi and Seyed Ali Jazayeri

Optimization of the Response Specifications of an Electro Hydraulic Servo Valve Mechanism
Seyed Ali Jazayeri and Mojtaba Ebrahimi

A Study of the Effect of the Inertia Force of the Vanes on the Performance of the Hydraulic Vane Pump with Hypertrochoid Curve in the Inner Surface of Its Stator
Mojtaba Ebrahimi and Seyed Ali Jazayeri

CAD Optimal Design, Documentation and Automated Assembly of Mechanical Product
Georgi Dinev, Ivo Malakov and Dobrin Dotsev

Linkage Mechanisms With Piezo- Structured Ceramic Actuators
Penka Genova, Vladimir Kotev, Florin Ionescu and Kostadin Kostadinov

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