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Since the turn of the 21st century, tall buildings with growing heights, increasingly complicated shapes and innovative structural systems have been built worldwide. The comfort, amenity and sustainability of these buildings have been the focus of world attention. Various landmark skyscrapers such as Shanghai World Financial Centre, and Burj Al Arab in Dubai have been completed or are under construction, showcasing boundless ground-breaking concepts in planning, architectural and structural design as well as building services facilities. These also include the application of innovative construction techniques, new materials and novel analytical approaches.

China has now become one of the countries in the world where tall buildings are being developed rapidly. The new CCTV headquarters building with a unique shape has been finished. The 432m Pearl River New City West Tower in Guangzhou is nearing completion. The construction of the proposed 580m Shanghai Centre has started. The recent Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province has especially highlighted serious cause for concern over the safety of building structures. All of these have made China a focus of world attention. It is timely to organize another International Conference on Tall Buildings to allow experts and researchers from all around the world to share and disseminate information pertinent to the latest practice, lessons learnt, and research ideas and outcomes of tall buildings.

Like other previous successful conferences in the series, the 7th International Conference on Tall Buildings (ICTB-VII) is founded on a series of prevailing themes ranging from innovative and sustainable aspects design and construction, to comfort and amenity of occupants and social-economic issues as well. The conference, therefore, provides a forum for all construction stakeholders to exchange ideas on how to further advance the development and management of tall buildings so as to fulfill the needs of the society and the end-users.

Readership: Built environment academicians, civil engineers, structural engineers, building services engineers, fire engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, environmental scientists, estate surveyors, quantity surveyors, town planners, urban geographers and urban economists.

The papers in this book are cited in ISI Web of Science

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