Fire and Explosion Hazards


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The Seventh International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards is held in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, during May 5 – 10, 2013. This follows past Seminars held in Moscow (1995, 1997), Lake Windemere (2000), Londonderry (2003), Edinburgh (2007), and Leeds (2010). This Seminar will bring together the authors of 100 peer-reviewed papers, who are experts in the fields of fire and explosion research. The key supporters of this Seminar are Fike, FM Global, the International Association of Fire Safety Science, and the United Technologies Research Center.

These Proceedings cover a wide range of the underlying science and its applications. The first part includes the five plenary papers, by M. Altarawneh, A. Hamins, J. Lee, N. Liu, and T. Tsuruda. The second part includes 52 papers in Fire, arranged into chapters on Compartments, Tunnels, and Mines; Fire Dynamics; Flame Spread and Growth; Ignition and Extinction; Pyrolysis and Fire Chemistry; Suppression and Mitigation; and Wildland Fires. The third part includes 43 papers in Explosion, arranged into chapters on Blast Analysis and Mitigation; Deflagration and Flame Acceleration; Deflagration Venting; Detonation and DDT; Dust Explosion; and Hydrogen Safety. These papers should be of interest to all concerned with the scientific aspects of fire and explosion hazards.

By reporting the latest scientific advances, it is hoped that this Seminar and its Proceedings will inform and inspire the community of researchers in the fields of fire and explosion hazards.

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