Fire and Explosion Hazards, Proceedings of the Sixth International Seminar


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The Sixth International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards was held from 11 to 16 April at University of Leeds. This is a key conference on research in fire and explosion with over 200 research workers in U.K., Europe Continent, Scandinavian countries, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea and even South American countries attended. Experts in major universities offering courses and carrying out research in fire and explosion exchanged ideas. Advances in combusion, fire and explosion sciences have a significant impact on the solutions to problems facing fire and explosion safety engineering.

Proceedings of the Sixth International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards will be of interest to all concerned with the scientific aspects of these hazards. The Proceedings contain the six Invited Plenary Lectures, given by renowned international authorities, Lord Newton (Buncefield Investigation), Elaine Oran (US Naval Research Laboratory), Lou Gritzo (FM Global), Sergei Surzhikov (Institute for Problems in Mechanics), David Purser (Hartford Environmental Research), and Domingos Viegas (Universidade de Coimbra). A record number of ninety other papers, selected from a total of 119 submitted manuscripts, were accepted for publication after rigorous reviews by the Scientific Advisory Board.

Topics Covered
• The Buncefield Explosion
• Deflagration and DDT
• Compartment and Tunnel Fires
• Unconfined Fires
• Industrial Risk and Sustainability
• Sprays and Mists
• Hydrogen Dispersions, Flames, Explosions and Fireballs
• Optical Diagnostics for Fires
• Self-Heating and Fire Retardants
• Vented and Dust Explosions
• Fire Toxcity
• Smouldering, CO and SOOT
• Structures and Electrical Installations
• Forest Fires
• Flammability
• Dispersion and Complex Fire Dynamics

Readership: Scientists, Researchers, Safety Engineers, Plants Managers, Practitioners and Students with an interest in Fire and Explosion Hazards.

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