Engineering Materials in Mechanical Design — Principles of Selection with Q & A


ISBN: 978-981-08-2314-6
Extend: 282pp
Year: 2010

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“Engineering Materials in Mechanical Design — Principles of Selection with Q&A” has been written for engineering students who would like to get a grasp of the important engineering material selection principles and criteria. This book would be very useful for the students of Mechanical, Materials or Aerospace engineering who have to constantly deal with different engineering materials in the design or failure analysis. This book gives a broader picture of the engineering materials as they relate to mechanical design. This is followed by very in-depth question and answer that covers all aspects of materials for mechanical engineering. The Q&A would be very useful to those who are trying to get deeper understanding of each topic studied in this subject.

This book would be very suitable to senior undergraduate and postgraduate students who are studying any topic in mechanical engineering design or those who just want to know about engineering materials. This can be a companion book for industry professionals who are engaged in mechanical designs or engineering failure analyses.

This book is different from existing books in this area as this provides very broader picture of material specific to mechanical design issues. The Q&A is very innovative idea as these questions were asked by students and hence my detailed answers would provide very deep learning experience for students.

To the teachers: As this book has been written primarily for classroom teaching of engineering materials course, I believe that the book will be very useful if you are teaching a similar course at the university level. Further help for the teachers who adopt this book in the class as textbook would be available through the publisher of this book.

Readership: Graduate and Postgraduate students, Researchers and Industry Professionals

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