Design Guide for Concrete Filled Tubular Members with High Strength Materials to Eurocode 4


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Year: 2015

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This design guide is based on Eurocode 4 (EN 1994-1-1, 2004) for the design of concrete filled steel tubular members with special considerations for higher concrete strength with cylinder compressive strength up to 90N/mm2 and higher grade of steel with yield strength up to 550N/mm2. More than 2000 test data collected from the literature on concrete filled steel tubes with normal and high strength materials have been analysed to formulate the design method proposed in this design guide.

This design guide also provides good detailing practices for typical joints between concrete filled tubular members and other structural components. These include composite beam to column joints, concrete beam to tubular column joints and column base joints. Guideline is provided to select matching concrete and steel grades for the design of high strength composite columns. Quality control of high strength concrete materials and weldability of high tensile steel materials are emphasized. Finally, fire protection and fire resistance design method in accordance with EN1994-1-2 (2005) are introduced for concrete filled steel tubular members. This design guide will endow structural engineers with the confidence to use high strength materials in a safe and economic manner to design and construct high rise buildings.

Readership: Researchers, engineers and practitioners in the field of structural and civil engineering.

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