Technical Papers

Day 2 — Tuesday 16, August 2011

Cavitation Erosion Dynamics: Some Observations
John Carlton

A Most Complex and Technologically Advanced Vessel
B. H. Wong

System Design and Handling of Liquid Chemicals in Bulk on OSVs
Anders Eide

Use of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) as Fuel in Offshore Supply Vessels
Terje Nordtun

New Generation Deep Water OSVs for Oil and Gas Operation
Tan Cheng Hui and Au Yeong Kin Ho

A 500 Tons AHT Winch with ECO-Pull Drive Technology
Alexander Nürnberg

Regulatory Developments and Their Practical Implementation in Today’s Rapidly Developing OSV & TUG Markets
Gijsbert de Jong and Unni Krishnan

Environmental Forces for Dynamic Positioning: Ships vs. Semi-Submersibles
Arun Kr Dev

Day 3 — Wednesday 17, August 2011

Increased Operational Performance of OSVs by Onboard DC Grid
Jan Fredrik Hansen, John Olav Lindtjørn, Ulf U. Ødegaard and Tor Arne Myklebust

Modeling and Dynamic Positioning Simulation of OD21 Drill Ship
C. S. Chin and A. K. Dev

Conservator or Innovator? Prescriptive vs. Function Based Classification Rules
Thomas Revheim

Integrating Innovative Vessel Designs and Systems to Enhance Performance and Safety
Jan-Paul de Wilde

The Multi-Facet Nature of OSV’s Stability
Aiping Du and Gang Yi

Design and Build Challenges for Vessels in Offshore Wind Farming
Rasmus Stute and Teena Tillessen

Smart Modification of Early-Stage Structural CAD Models
K. Cochran

Need for a Comprehensive “OSV Code”
Arun Kr Dev