Instructions for Oral Presentation


Each oral presentation is limited to 40 minutes, inclusive of the Q & A. Kindly allow for 10 minutes for the Q & A. The Chair of the sessions will be keeping to the time strictly. They will sound the bell once the 25 minutes have passed. You should make a suitable conclusion to your presentation by then.


Presentation should preferably be done by using MS Powerpoint 2003 or higher. A laptop with LCD projector will be made available for all sessions. To minimise technical difficulties, we request all presenters to save their presentation to a USB storage device in a format that can be read by MS Powerpoint 2003 or higher on a Window-based PC.


Presenters should transfer their files to the laptops as early as possible. Preferable times for presenters to load in their files are during coffee-breaks and lunch. A student assistant will be available to assist the authors.


Presenters are requested to submit a short CV for the Session Chairs at the beginning of the session. A standard form is available at the registration counter.