Regulatory Developments and Their Practical Implementation in Today’s Rapidly Developing OSV & TUG Markets

Gijsbert De Jong1 and Unni Krishnan2

1Bureau Veritas, France

2Bureau Veritas, Singapore


This paper presents the key developments in the field of Offshore Support Vessels and Tugs, with respect to rules and regulations as well as their impact on the industry. The current regulations related to safety, environmental and labour issues which are relevant to OSVs are addressed. A detailed overview of recent developments of the existing regulations as well as the regulations currently under development is provided. There is particular focus on the OSV Design & Construction Guidelines, the LHNS Guidelines, the SPS Code, the preparation of new regulations covering anchor handling operations, environmental regulations (MARPOL Annex VI, BWM Convention), the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) and STCW Convention (crew training & certification). In addition, the practical implementation of these regulations into the classification rules of Bureau Veritas is addressed in order to provide ship owners, shipyards and designers with a clear insight into how they can cope with the regulatory challenges the OSV industry is facing.

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