SUN, WIND AND ARCHITECTURE Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA 2007)


ISBN: 978-981-05-9400-8
Page: 881pp
Year: 2007

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This book comprises a Design Symposium and Workshops, which are run by practising architects and engineers, as well as 105 paper and 50 poster presentations. Our international keynote speakers have backgrounds in practice, academia and government and will share their expertise in design, legislation and occupant’s behaviour.

Climate Responsive and Solar Architecture, Daylight and Ventilation, case studies of Passive and Low Energy Architecture, and Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency represent the four strongest groups accounting for almost half of all papers. These issues are of international relevance given the global climate change. It is interesting to note that half of the papers came from countries with a GDP lower than Singapore, perhaps indicating that Passive and Low Energy Architecture may not be a rich country issue or entail a high technology approach. It is encouraging to see that it is a concern to countries independent of their GDP/capita or technology savyness.

Many papers from Europe and the Americas, which traditionally have a strong PLEA community. Southeast Asia’s contributions make up a share of around 20%. More importantly, 50% of all the contributions are from countries with tropical climates, a unique pitch that we have aimed for as a host in tropical climate. Of not lesser relevance is the other half from countries with temperate climate. They deal with issues that fast growing areas such as Southeast Asia are just facing.

Topics Covered
• Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency
• Climate Responsive Architecture, Solar Architecture
• Passive and Low Energy Architecture — Case Studies
• Materials and Greening
• Daylighting and Ventilation
• Sustainable Planning and Urban Design
• Sustainable Building Assessment, Methods and Policies
• Design Support Tools and Simulation
• Comfort Models, Quantitative and Qualitative Performance
• User-Building-Interaction and Post Occupancy Evaluation
• Architectural Education for Sustainable Design

Readership: Architects, civil engineers, environmental scientists, estate surveyors, town planners, researchers and students with an interest in Architectural engineering

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