Reliable Engineering Computing Robust Design — Coping with Hazards, Risk and Uncertainty


ISBN: 978-981-08-5118-7 (Softbound)
Pages: 808 pp
Year: 2010

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Reliable Engineering Computing has emerged as a multi-disciplinary field with this workshop series, which has been established and hosted in Georgia Tech Savannah in 2004, 2006, and 2008. The REC-workshops provide a unique symbiosis of various engineering and associated disciplines with the kernel areas of Engineering, Computer Science, Sciences, and Mathematics. Central issue of the discussions is the reliability of engineering computations. Cross-disciplinary advisements generate synergy and impulses of a new quality for research and development, as well as for innovative applications.

REC2010 is focused on Robust Design in the context of hazards, risk and uncertainty. This issue has attracted increasing attention in the recent past. Societal and industrial interest has grown from both a safety point of view and an economic point of view. The development is driven by a series of accidents with natural and manmade sources including inappropriate design, as well as by changing economic and environmental requirements and conditions including effects from climate change. Robust design has to ensure that our engineering systems can cope with all hazards, risk and uncertainty over their entire lifetime from the construction to the controlled demolition. The potential for applications ranges over all engineering fields. The developments in Robust Design are characterized by a remarkable diversity and high complexity, which concerns

• the definition of robustness
• the mathematical framework, and
• the application field. Included is the design of structures, systems, processes, operations, new materials and technologies, computational procedures, numerical models, hardware components, etc.

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