Progress in Combinatorial Image Analysis


ISBN: 978-981-08-3870-6
Extend: 247 pp
Year: 2010

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Image analysis is a scientific discipline which provides theoretical foundations and methods for solving problems appearing in a range of areas as diverse as biology, medicine, physics, astronomy, geography, chemistry, robotics, and industrial manufacturing. It deals with algorithms and methods aimed at extracting meaningful information from images; obtaining quantitative measurements such as lengths, areas, and thicknesses; and deriving object elements such as contours, skeletons, and holes. The processing is done through computer systems, and the focus is therefore usually on images presented in digital form.

The reviewing and program committee consisted of 86 scientists from 29 countries, and five continents. The selection of papers was very rigorous: each paper was sent to at least four members of the program committee for a double-blind review.

The volume starts with the survey paper entitled “Current Challenges in Vision-Based Driver Assistance” by the invited speaker Reinhard Klette from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. This paper reviews current developments in the field of vision-based active safety components of cars, which aim at advanced solutions, using stereo or motion data as basic input for providing accurate lane or corridor data, for estimating ego motion, or for pedestrian detection. The fifteen contributed papers included in this volume are separated into the following three sections: Discrete, Digital and Computational Geometry and their Applications to Image Analysis; Topological and Combinatorial Models, and Grammars for Image Representation and Analysis; Segmentation, Processing, and Reconstruction of Digital Images.

Readership: Researchers, engineers, programmers in computer vision, image processing and computer graphics.

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