Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Multi-Material Micro Manufacture


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Year: 2013

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Microsystems-based products are a key value-adding element for many sectors of industry – and the predicted nanotechnology future will also be largely delivered by microtechnologies. While the late 20th century saw a silicon-based microelectronics revolution, the 21st century looks forward to the adoption of micro- and nano-manufacturing technologies as the demand for function and length scale integrations increases continuously on the way to bridging the gap between the nano- and the macro-worlds.

The contributions from leading authors from universities, independent research and corporate organizations provide an invaluable overview of this rapidly moving subject and an insight into key research and development areas. This comprehensive collection of indexed and peer-reviewed articles is also contained on a CD with search functionality.

Readership: Engineers, scientists, professionals and academics in the field of nanotechnology and micro manufacture.

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