Proc. of the World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education (WCCEE 2010)


ISBN: 978-981-08-7156-7
Year: 2010

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The 12th World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education (WCCEE 2010) is organized by the National University of Singapore in collaboration with the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education. The central theme for 12th IACEE Conference 2010 is “Education without Borders – Continuing Engineering Education in a Globalized Environment”. In this conference proceeding, a total of about 70 invited and contributed papers are presented with authors from around 20 countries. There are 6 award/keynote/invited papers from China, Finland, Hong Kong, UK and USA.

The contributed papers are divided into the following 5 themes:
• Role of CEE in addressing Engineering Challenges
• Global Engineering Workforce Developments: University and Industry Relations
• CEE business and management
• CEE Quality Assurance
• CEE Initiatives and Case Studies

This is the first time that WCCEE is part of the 5 major engineering education events under the umbrella of World Engineering Forum comprising WCCEE 2010, the First Global Engineering Deans Council Conference, the 9th ASEE Global Colloquium on Engineering Education, the 4th International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) Summit and the 7th Global Engineering Student Forum.

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