Object Modeling, Algorithms and Applications


ISBN: 978-981-08-5465-2
Extend: 141pp
Year: 2010

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This book brings latest findings, ideas, developments, and applications in the area of computational modeling of objects represented in images. In particular, the book aims to attract scientists who use various approaches – such as finite element method, optimization methods, modal analysis, stochastic methods, principal components analysis, independent components analysis, distribution models, geometrical modeling, digital geometry, grammars, fuzzy logic, and others – to solve problems that appear in a wide range of areas as diverse as medicine, robotics, defense, security, astronomy, material science, and manufacturing.

Papers Included in this Book
• Two Metrology Applications in Medical Imaging
• Non-Linear Least Square Optimization of Intracellular Action Potential Model Using a Series of Modified Gamma Distribution Functions
• Using Turning Functions to Refine Shapes
• Paired Transform Method of Image Reconstruction from Projections
• Evaluation of New Character Segmentation Approach for Offline Cursive Handwriting Recognition in the State of Art
• Matched Chaotic Maps Water marking and Authentication
• Recognizable Poly hexes Languages and their Acceptors
• The Generalized Orientation Field Transform
• RGB Image Resizing Using Discrete Wavelet Transform Based on Bayer’s Theory
• Applications of Visual Data Processing to Chemistry Research

Readership: Researchers, engineers, programmers in computer vision, image processing and computer graphics.

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