International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Technology


ISBN: 978-981-09-5346-1 (electronic)
Year: 2015

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As we advance by leaps and bounds into the ever widening horizons of Engineering and Technology, it becomes increasingly advantageous to the world to find a common platform where the latest information in the field can be shared and garnered. This International Conference on Emerging trends in Engineering and Technology (ICETET2015) has thrown up a number of new ideas and experiences. We have chosen to focus on the frontier topics in the areas of Engineering dealing with separate tracks on the Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic, Mechanical and Civil subjects. Papers have been accepted in the four broad areas mentioned above.

We had received more than 200 research papers of which 111 papers have confirmed their registration and presentation at the Conference. Full texts of all the registered papers are being presented in this volume.

The papers published here are unique, and they have not been submitted or published anywhere earlier. While the authenticity of the persons who wrote the papers is verified, let me state as the Editor-in-chief that all the ideas and statements made in each paper belong to the author. We as organizers and publishers of the same do not have any responsibility with regard to the information given therein.

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