History of Science and Technology in Tamil Nadu through the Ages


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Year: 2012

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The present editing work of Dr. S. Swaminathan History of Science and Technology in Tamil Nadu through the Ages, attempts to fulfill the existing gap from prehistory to contemporary history of science and technology in Tamil Nadu. Scholars have been chosen to think globally act locally above and beyond their good job reveals the following themes are elucidated the epistemology of the Tamils.

Knowledge versus ignorance transformed as wisdom of experience by the aborigines of ancient homosapiens it is discussed from archaeological, epigraphic-sources of identify with anthropological linguistics. Self-preservation and self-reliance technique of the tribal communities leads to the current climate observations these are empirically well versed. Power of tradition explored in traditional knowledge system of the Tamils. Change versus tradition traced with colonial initiatives to modern science and nationalist quest for alternatives in the form of Swadeshi industry in Tamil Nadu exposes change of power – necessity. Glimpses of Twenty First Century historically documented the developments of science and technology and the changeover from brain drain to Information Revolution in Tamil Nadu.

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