Research into Design: Supporting Sustainable Product Development


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Design is ubiquitous; it pervades all spheres of life, and has been around ever since life has been purposefully changing the world around it. Research in design and the emergence of a research community in this area has been relatively new, its development influenced by the multiple facets of design (human, artefact, process, organisation, and the micro- and macro economy by which design is shaped) and the associated diversification of the community into those focusing on various aspects of these individual facets, or various applications. Design is complex, balancing the needs from multiple stakeholders, and requiring a multitude of areas of knowledge to be utilized, from resources spread across space and time.

The collection of papers in this book constitutes the proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Research into Design (ICoRD’11) held at the Indian Institute of Science in the city of Bangalore, India during 10-12 January 2011. ICoRD’11 is the third in a series of biennial conferences held in India to bring together the international community from diverse areas of design practice, teaching and research, to: share cutting edge research about design among the stakeholders; aid the ongoing process of developing a collective vision through emerging research challenges and questions; and provide a platform for interaction, collaboration and development of the community in order for it to take up the challenges to realise the vision. The conference is intended for all stakeholders of design, and in particular for its practitioners, researchers, teachers and students.

The contributions from leading authors from universities, independant research and corporate organizations provide an invaluable overview of this rapidly moving subject and an insight into key research and development areas. This comprehensive collection of indexed and peer-reviewed articles is also contained on a CD with search functionality.

Table of Contents
Section 1: Design Theory, Methodology and Research Methodology

Analysing Design Protocols: Development of Methods and Tools
John S Gero, Jeff WT Kan and Morteza Pourmohamadi

A Technology Selection Process for the Optimal Capture of Design Information
Hamish McAlpine, Philip Cash, Alexander Storton and Steve Culley

Concept Exploration in New Product Development — An Empirical Study
Ananthavalli Ramesh and L. Prakash Sai

Biologizing Product Development — Results from a Student Project
Katharina Helten, Sebastian Schenkl and Udo Lindemann

Design Criteria and Extreme Conditions
Narender P. Reddy

Understanding the Technical Content of Requirements in Specification Documents
Mohd Nizam Sudin and Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen

The Propagation and Evolution of Design Constraints: An Industrial Case Study
Nair V. V., Howard T. J., Culley S. J., Dekoninck E.A. and McAloone T. C.

Methodology for the Creation of Value Chains Adapted to Technical and Radical Innovation
François Petetin, Gwenola Bertoluci and Jean-Claude Bocquet

A Case Study of How Knowledge Based Engineering Tools Support Experience Re-use
Andersson Petter, Larsson C. Tobias and Isaksson Ola

Design for Happiness
Vatsala Lakhotia

The Specificities of Radical Innovation
Damien Motte, Bernard Yannou and Robert Bjärnemo

On the Interaction between the Engineering Design and the Development Process Models — Part I: Elaborations on the Generally Accepted Process Models
Damien Motte, Robert Bjärnemo and Bernard Yannou

On the Interaction between the Engineering Design and the Development Process Models — Part II: Shortcomings and Limitations
Damien Motte, Robert Bjärnemo and Bernard Yannou

Design Thinking and Analysis a Case Study in Design for Social Wellbeing
Kees Dorst and Christian Tietz

Section 2: Human Factors in Design

Conceptualizing GUIs — A Case Study of an Online Aptitude Testing System
Pradeep Yammiyavar and Debayan Dhar

Single Camera Digital Photogrammetric Anthropometry of Indian Adult Males
Rajendra Patsute and Gaur Ray and Nirdosh Rana

Culture and Context
S.P. Taylor, C.A. Nicolle and M.C. Maguire

Extent of Influence of Regional Preferences on the Design of GUI Elements in News Papers Websites
Rishabh Kumar, Kanupriya and Pradeep Yammiyavar

Usability Certification Metrics for Banking Software
Anshuman Sharma

Institutionalization of Usability in Banking Software Environment
Anshuman Sharma

Section 3: Design for X

Virtual Forming and Gage Thickness Optimization of Sheet Metal Components
Raghu Echempati, Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane and Dieter Roller

eFMEA — Raising Efficiency of FMEA by Matrix-Based Function and Failure Networks
Maik Maurer and Heiner Kesper

Testing Against Requirements
Carsten Stechert and Thomas Vietor

Managing Uncertainties of Requirements in Product Platform Development
Sebastian Schenkl, Josef Ponn and Udo Lindemann

Application of QFD to Mechanize the Manufacturing of the Jaipur Foot
Pankajalakshmi Amirthakasi, Santi Sagar Jetti and Sujatha Srinivasan

Energy Absorption of Thin Walled Structure
Rohan Ghogare and Raghu V. Prakash

Towards an Organic Participatory Approach to Design for Digital Inclusion
Saikat Kundu, Alison McKay, Raymond Holt, Elizabeth Valentine, Ania Bobrowicz, Graeme Coleman, Lorna Gibson and Vicki Hanson

Explicit Product Family Indicators Based On aConstraint Programming Simulation of Usage Coverage
Jiliang Wang and Bernard Yannou

A Model for Visualizing Mechanical Assembly Situations
Madhusudanan N and Amaresh Chakrabarti

Developing a Virtual Environment for Aiding Assessment
Avinash Dawari, Santhi B., Chandana V., Amaresh Chakrabarti, Dibakar Sen, B. Gurumoorthy and Howard Appelman

Section 4: Enabling Technologies & Tools

AR Application for Pre-Post Processing in Engineering Analysis for Non-Expert Users
Francesco Ferrise, Monica Bordegoni, Marco Ambrogio and Giandomenico Caruso

Simulation of the Interaction with Interfaces of Industrial Products in a Multimodal Environment
Francesco Ferrise, Monica Bordegoni, Joseba Lizaranzu and Umberto Cugini

Analysis of Current IT Support for Product Development Processes
Armin Sharafi, Thomas Wolfenstetter, Petra Wolf and Helmut Krcmar

A New Approach to Wearable Systems: Biodesign Beyond the Boundaries
Venere Ferraro and Marita Canina

Development of Transmission Specifications for an Electric Vehicle
Manoj K. Mahala and Anindya Deb

Section 5: Design, Knowledge, and Product Life Cycle Management

In-Service Information Required in a Redesign Task: An Analysis of Documents from the Aerospace Industry
Santosh Jagtap and Aylmer Johnson

Visualization of Knowledge Maturity for Product-Service Development
Christian Johansson and Åsa Ericson

Systematic Knowledge Transfer Based on Knowledge Correlations
Maik Maurer

Enhancing the Selection of Methods for Customer Integration
Jens Fähling, Stefan Langer, Jan Michael Schölkopf, Jan Marco Leimeister, Helmut Krcmar and Udo Lindemann

Temporal Aspects in Lifecycle-Oriented Planning of Product-Service-Systems
Clemens Hepperle, Robert Orawski, Stefan Langer, Markus Mörtl and Udo Lindemann

Brand Mapping, A Tool for Design Management
Shetall Natuu and Anirudh Natuu

Enhancing the Role and Use of the Design Brief
S. Bolton

Knowledge Sharing Across Boundaries:Web 2.0 and Product-Service System Development
Koteshwar Chirumalla, Andreas Larsson, Marco Bertoni and Tobias Larsson

Review of Design Management Processes and Efficacy
Ankit Chhabra and Neelakshi Rathore

Section 6: Applications in Practice

Regenerative Braking System for the Car
Venkateswara Reddy Gogulamudi, Uma Valliappan and K. V. Vijesh

Product Implications of Design Offshoring
Zaza Nadja Lee Hansen and Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen

Multibody Dynamics Modeling and Experimental Validation of Fuel-Injection Pump
Sundarraman P., Baskaran R., Sunilkumar V., Raghavendra K., Subir K. Saha and Nilesh J. Vasa

A Paper on ‘Improvements in ABC Pedal System in Automobile’ Submitted to ICoRD’11
Gogulamudi Venkateswara Reddy, Janga Sree Harsha Reddy and Ullas Kumar TM

Design Methods — What Reaches Industrial Practice?
Burkhard Wolf

Design of User-CentredWireless Sensor Technology in Sports
Dennis Sturm, Vinit Parida, Tobias C. Larsson and Ola Isaksson

Using Design Driven Innovation as a Vehicle of ‘Eco’ Sustainability in Medium Complexity Products
Shujoy Chakraborty

Linear Guides of Linear Flow Split Components
Nils Lommatzsch, Sebastian Gramlich and Herbert Birkhofer

Cultural Influence in Aesthetic Design: A Case Study Based on Intermediate Public Transport Vehicle
Arun Muthumani and Bishakh Bhattacharya

Section 7: Eco-Design, Sustainable manufacturing, Design for Sustainability

Application of QFD for Enabling Environmentally Conscious Design
Gopinath Rathod, S. Vinodh and U. R. Madhyasta

Conceptual Design Features and Eco-Methods
D. Saravana Bavan and G. C. Mohan Kumar

Leveraging Energy Efficiency Pathways for the Sustainable Design of Appliances, Buildings and ICT Products
S. S. Krishnan, N. Balasubramanian, E. Subrahmanian, Ajay Krishnamurthy, A. Murali Ramakrishnan, V. Venkatesh and G. Ramakrishna

Design for the Base of the Pyramid: Issues and Solutions
Santosh Jagtap and Prabhu Kandachar

Decision Support Tools for Sustainability in Product Innovation in a Few Swedish Companies
Anthony W. Thompson, Pia Lindahl, Sophie Hallstedt, Henrik Ny and Göran Broman

Assessing the Benefits of Early Stage Design Research
Selvan Thandapani and Richard Woodbridge

EcoDesign: A Retrofit Design Concept for 3-Axis Gantry, Compatible to Nd: YAG Based Pulse Laser
Bhagyesh Deshmukh and Mohan Khond

Application of Multi-Domain Matrix Waste Reduction Methodology
Fatos Elezi, Martin Graebsch, David Hellenbrand and Udo Lindemann

E-Waste Generation from Mobile Phones and Sustainability Issues for Designers
Pradeep G. Yammiyavar and Vikash Kumar

Reoccurring Cyclic Consideration of End-of-Life Requirements During Product Planning
Robert Orawski, Clemens Hepperle, Markus Mörtl, Udo Lindemann

Extending the Life Cycle of Under-Utilized Urban Scrap Through Sustainable Design Approach
Prakash Kumar and Debkumar Chakrabarti

Evaluating Environmental Impacts of Sand Cast Products Using Life Cycle Assessment
Durgesh Joshi, Yashwant Modi and B Ravi

Evaluating the Effect of Harvesters on Sustainability — A Design Study
K Ramani and Monto Mani

Section 8: Design Creativity, Synthesis, Evaluation and Optimisation

Generation of Diverse Dynamic Behaviors Using the Emergent Design System
Koichiro Sato, Kenjiro Takemura and Yoshiyuki Matsuoka

A Tool for Automated Synthesis and Side-Effects Detection in Sensor Designs
Amaresh Chakrabarti, Riccardo Regno, Biplab Sarkar and Srinivasan V.

Physical Models and Design Cognition
Vimal Viswanathan and Julie Linsey

A Case Study of Open-Ended Creative Practice Based Research
Yukari Nagai, Georgi V. Georgiev and Ian Gwilt

Computational Exploration of Design Spaces
Sambit Datta and Bernard Rolfe

Creative Lean Design Process
Alok Kumar Verma, Lalit Kumar Das and Ameya Surendra Erande

Can a Virtual Design Environment Enhance Group Creativity and the Use of Stimuli?
Elias E. W. A., Chamakiotis P., Howard T. J., Dekoninck E. A. and Culley S. J.

Investigation of Creative Experience of Creator
Aneesha Sharma

Semi-Automatic Synthesis of Conceptual Technical Systems
Janez Rihtaršic and Roman Žavbi

NOVELTY — Not in Harmony, But in Unity
Saleem Ahmed

Section 9: Design Collaboration and Communication

The Use of Graphic Representations in Semiconductor Engineering Team Problem Solving
Tali Surasky and Gabriela Goldschmidt

Time Design for Building Trust in Communities of Systems and People
Caroline Nevejan and Frances Brazier

Integral Design and C-K Theory for Concept Generation in the Building Industry
Wim Zeiler

Tools as a Systematic Intervention: Integral Design
Wim Zeiler

Learning to Collaborate During Team Designing
Jeff WT Kan and John S Gero

Setting Up a Research Experiment — How Does Personal Motivation Affects Problem Setting?
Johan Holmqvist, Johan Wenngren, Charles Cox, Åsa Ericson and Mattias Bergström

Shape Language Describes More than the Body
Lau Langeveld and Tjamme Wiegers

Assessment of Team Based Innovation in a Product Service System Development Process
Mattias Bergström, Vinit Parida and Christian Johansson

Various Kinds of Networks of Partners: A Proposal for a Classification Scheme
Nicolas Maranzana, Nathalie Gartiser and Emmanuel Caillaud

Towards Open Innovation Practices in Aerospace Industry
Vinit Parida, Tobias C. Larsson, Ola Isaksson and Pejvak Oghazi

The Importance of Prototyping for Education in Product Innovation Engineering
Anders Berglund and Martin Grimheden

Section 10: Design Aesthetics, Semiotics, Semantics

Window Display as Communication
Isabel Guimaraes

The Construction of My Perspective
K. P. Hari

Investigation of Form Clusters Made of Smallest Semantic Units and Patterns
Parag K. Vyas and V. P. Bapat

Design Approach to Kundan Jewellery-Development
Parag K. Vyas and V. P. Bapat

Semantics Communicated by the Graphical Symbols Used in Vehicle Control Systems
Saneef Ansari

Characterizing and Evaluating Aesthetic Features in Vehicle Design
Charlie Ranscombe, Ben Hicks, Glen Mullineux and Baljinder Singh

Correlation between Intrinsic Characteristics of Industrial Products and User’s Perception
Sara Colombo, Roberta Gorno and Valentina Rognoli

Temporality in Static Visual Narratives: Based on Event, Time, Space & Place relation
Sherline Pimenta K and Ravi Poovaiah

Perception of Form: A Peep on the Eye
Susmita Sharma Y and B. K. Chakravarthy

Image Making of the Letterforms: Inspiration from Indian Image making for Font design
Prasad Bokil and Shilpa Ranade

Structure Sharing in Logo Design
Amaresh Chakrabarti and Kumari MC

Section 11: Design Training And Education

Master project Integral Design: start up for students based on workshops for professionals a comparison
Wim Zeiler

Creating Participatory Design Tools: A Didactic Experience
Marita Canina and Elisabetta Coccioni

Readership: Engineers, scientists, architects, industrial designers, design managers and other researchers and professionals with an interest in design and product development.

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