East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami


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The East Japan earthquake and tsunami is the one of the most devastated disasters, Japan has experienced after the World War II. Due to its scale, diversity and nature, the recovery lessons will be quite extensive and dynamic. The earthquake has damaged significantly the educational facilities in all three hardest hit prefectures: Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima. There are different issues related to post disaster recovery. Evacuation behavior, communication, education and volunteer roles are some of the key elements which need to be emphasized, and the lessons learned can be utilized not only to the recovery of Tohoku region, but for other parts of Japan and the world. The book aims to draw the key lessons on the above four issues, especially from the viewpoint of community participation.

Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview of East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Rajib Shaw and Yukiko Takeuchi
Chapter 2: Review of Countermeasures in the East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Mikio Ishiwatari
Chapter 3: Evacuation Behavior and Its Implication: Case of Kamaishi
Yuta Suda, Rajib Shaw and Yukiko Takeuchi
Chapter 4: Green Belt and Its Implication to Coastal Risk Reduction: Case of Yuriage
Yusuke Noguchi, Rajib Shaw and Yukiko Takeuchi
Chapter 5: Post Disaster Communication and Role of FM Radio: Case of Natori
Ai Ideta, Rajib Shaw and Yukiko Takeuchi
Chapter 6: Role of Social Media in East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Brett D. M. Peary, Rajib Shaw and Yukiko Takeuchi
Chapter 7: Damages to Education Sector and Its Recovery
Yukiko Takeuchi and Rajib Shaw
Chapter 8: Education for Sustainable Development and Its Implications to Recovery Process in Kesennuma
Yukihiro Oikawa
Chapter 9: Development of Education for Natural Disaster Preparedness and Reduction at School Linking to the Community
Masakazu Goto and Nobumitsu Aihara
Chapter 10: School Damages in Asian Countries and Its Implication to Tohoku Recovery
Glenn Fernandez, Rajib Shaw, and Yukiko Takeuchi
Chapter 11: Volunteers and Youth Role in Post Disaster Scenario: Role of Miyagi University of Education
Yoshikichi Abe and Tomonori Ichinose
Chapter 12: A ‘Soft’ Volunteerism in Super-Extensive Disaster: Case of Noda
Motohiko Nagata
Chapter 13: Towards Long Term Recovery after the Mega Disaster
Rajib Shaw and Yukiko Takeuchi

Readership: Researchers, students and academicians in the field of disaster risk reduction and recovery process, and related practitioners and policy makers.

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