Analysis & Computational Mathematics


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Year: 2009

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This book contains the papers presented in the first conference on mathematics and statistics organized by the faculty of natural and applied science at Notre Dome University.

Although most mathematicians and statisticians tend to specialize in certain areas, it is essential and useful for researchers to be exposed to ideas and techniques used in other areas. There are always common threads between many areas of mathematics emanating primarily from the geometric, algebraic or analytic character that mathematical problems possess. The applications of mathematics brings in further insights and reveal needs that are often very important to the natural development of theories. This point of view should accompany the assessment of the modest contributions that the articles of this compilation makes as a whole or to any particular area of specialization covered.

This book contains a wide range of topics in Analysis, Computational Mathematics and Statistics. The intent was to appeal and to cater for the interests of a rather small community of mathematicians in Lebanon and to other mathematicians that would be interested from neighboring and European countries.

The articles in this proceedings are classified under the following general topics: inequalities, game theory and economics, population models, numerical solutions, special functions and transformation groups.

Readership: Undergraduate and graduate students in applied mathematics, engineering and scientific computing, computer scientists, algorithm developers, mathematical modelers, researchers.

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