Session TA2-A: Medical Mechatronics
Date/Time Thursday, 16 December 2010 / 11:20 – 12:40
Venue Engineering Auditorium
Chair(s) Gabor Stepan and Kazuyoshi Yoshino

Dynamics of Quiet Standing —Human and Robotic Sensory Systems to Compensate Delay Effects
G. Stepan and T. Insperger

Evaluation of Patient Exercise for Motion Advice by Rehabilitation Instruction Robot
Kazuyoshi Yoshino and Shanjun Zhang

Evolution of a Manipulator Model using Linear Graphs and Genetic Algorithms
A. S. Arifin, C. W. De Silva, A. N. Poo and K. K. Tan

Geometric Analysis and Modelling of Microfluidic Contact Angles for Design and Manufacturing of Micro Bio-Device
Yuan-Shin Lee, Euiseok Kim and Roger J. Narayan