Generalized Taylor Series Expansion for Contour Error Compensation

Feng Huoa and Aun-Neow Poob

Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore, 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore


The model-based Taylor Series Expansion Error Compensation (TSEEC) method has been shown to be capable of eliminating contour errors in biaxial CNC machines. However, it has been developed for only linear and circular contours. In this paper, an extension of TSEEC, a generalized TSEEC or GTSEEC, is proposed which is capable of compensating for the contour errors of arbitrary differentiable contours. Simulation results using linear, circular and parabolic contours are presented which show that, with perfect knowledge of the axial dynamics, GTSEEC can perfectly eliminate the contour errors for any contour which is differentiable, even when there is significant mismatch in the axes’ dynamics.

Keywords: CNC, Contour Error, Error compensation, Taylor series expansion

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