Poster Session – 4


Wednesday, January 6, 2010 / 11:00 – 13:00

Thermal Power Generation and Energy Savings for Industrial Boilers
Ramola Sinha and Meeta Gandhi

Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on Steady State Behavior of Natural Circulation Systems Operating with Supercritical Carbon-Dioxide
Manish Sharma, D. S. Pilkhwal, P. K. Vijayan, D. Saha and R. K. Sinha

Flow Instability in a Parallel Channel Loop Under Two-Phase Natural Circulation
Vikas Jain, A. K. Nayak, P. K. Vijayan, D. Saha and R. K. Sinha

Determining the Specific Heat of Powdered Insulation
Peter W. Higgins, Christopher Olson and Mingli He

Assessment of Crack Leak Rate for Inspection Strategies for Steam Generator Tubes
Brian Wolf, Shripad T. Revankar and Jovica R. Riznic

Heat Transfer During Evaporation of Binary Liquids from Wick Microstructures
Amaresh Dalal, Ram Ranjan, Jayathi Y. Murthy and Suresh V. Garimella

On Orbit Performance of Cryogenic Radiant Cooler of Meteorological Payload of INSAT-3A Spacecraft During First Five Years
D. W. Tijare, B. S. Akkimaradi, S. V. Huilgol, A. K. Shrivastava, Dinesh Kumar, Madhu Prasad,
S. C. Rastogi and K. Badarinarayana

Development of a Nonlinear Thermal-Hydraulic Model to Analyze Parallel Channel Instability of Boiling Water Reactor Core Undergoing In-Phase and Out-of-Phase Modes of Oscillations
Goutam Dutta and J. B. Doshi

Numerical Study of Startup Instabilities in a Parallel-Channel Natural Circulation Boiling System
S. P. Lakshmanan and Manmohan Pandey

Enhanced Boiling Outside 8x3 Plain and Coated Tube Bundles
Vikas J. Lakhera, Akhilesh Gupta and Ravi Kumar

Computation of Incompressible Flow Past Array of Circular Cylinders Using an Unstructured Grid Finite Volume Approach
Atal B. Harichandan and Arnab Roy

Reconstruction of Model Object Using Maximum Entropy Technique (MENT)
Mitesh Shah, P. M. V. Subbarao and Prabal Talukdar

Investigations on Low Power Low Pressure Instability
Naveen Kumar, J. B. Doshi, P. K. Vijayan and D. Saha

Comparison of the Performance of Multi Absorber Stand Alone Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning Systems in Summer and Monsoon Conditions
Ritunesh Kumar, P. L. Dhar, Sanjeev Jain and A. K. Asati

Investigations on the Role of Secondary Convection Currents in Single-Phase Natural Circulation Loop Dynamics
Naveen Kumar, J. B. Doshi and P. K. Vijayan

Thermal Performance Prediction of Extended Absorber Solar Air Heater
Prabha Chand and S. P. Sharma

Experimental Study on Condensation of Water Vapor in the Presence of High Concentration Non-Condensable Gas in Laminar Flow in a Vertical Channel
V. Murali Krishna, V. Dharma Rao, D. Prasada Rao, M. S. Subramanyam, K. V. Sharma
and P. K. Sarma

Experimental and Numerical Investigation on a Two Phase Natural Circulation Test Facility
P. Pradeep kumar, Amod Khardekar and Kannan N. Iyer

Numerical Investigation of Critical Heat Flux in Oscillatory Flow
Amod Khardekar and Kannan N. Iyer

An Experimental Study of Frost Formation on a Horizontal Circular Cylinder in Natural Convection Flow
Mahmood Yaghoubi and Ali Reza Tahavvor

An Inverse Thermal Problem for Simultaneous Estimation of Temperature Dependent Thermal Conductivity and Specific Heat
G. Venugopal, S. P. Venkateshan and C. Balaji

Experimental Study of Condensation Heat Transfer Over an Inclined Tube
Behnam Nabovati and Mahmood Yaghoubi

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer in Friction Stir Welding
Ratnesh K. Shukla and Pravin K. Shah

Heat Dissipation by Natural Convection and Radial Fins in a Horizontal Annulus with a Heat Generating Inner Solid Cylinder
Vinay Senve and G. S. V. L. Narasimham

Measurement of Volumetric Heat Transfer Coefficient of Porous Material
Bharat M. Ramani, Akhilesh Gupta and Ravi Kumar

Metal Mould Interfacial Heat Transfer Coefficient Between Silicate Bonded Sand Mould and Al-Si Alloy-An Experimental Investigation
M. Venkata Ramana, V. Vasudevarao, S. Sundarrajan and M. Komaraiah

Effect of Pitch to Diameter Ratios on Heat Transfer Characteristics on an Effused Concave Surface with Multiple Rows of Impinging Jets
M. Ashok Kumar and B. V. S. S. S. Prasad

Numerical Analysis of Conjugate Natural Convection from a Heat Generating Element Placed Centrally in a Vertical Channel
M. R. Rajkumar, G. Venugopal and S. Anil Lal

Thermoelectric Conversion of Waste Heat into Small Power
Aditya Saraswati, Raghav Bhagat and Sanjeev Jain

Estimation of Multiple Parameters in Transient Cooling Using Bayesian Method
N. Gnanasekaran and C. Balaji

Investigations on Role of Mechanical Gadgets in Controlling Flow Instability in Single-Phase Natural Circulation Loops
Kapil Bodkha, Naveen Kumar, P. K. Vijayan and Dilip Saha

Optimization of Heat Pumps Based on Finite-Time-Thermodynamics Using Genetic Algorithm
Rahul Salhotra and Manish Mishra

Heating and Cooling Potential of Earth-Air Heat Exchangers
U. Srinivasan, K. R. Sreenivas and J. H. Arakeri

Some Aspects of Using Hydrogen as a Fuel in Direct Injection Diesel Engine
Duraid F. Maki and P. Prabhakaran

Lattice Boltzmann Method Based Simulations for Flow Arround Row of Transversely Oscillating Cylinders
C. M. Sewatkar, M. Vamsi Krishna, Atul Sharma and Amit Agrawal

Forced Convective Flow Across a Rotating Cylinder in a Channel
K. Prasad Kaushal, Sachin B. Paramane, Amit Agarwal and Atul Sharma

A Critical Review of the DSM and HBM Approach for the CHF Prediction
D. K. Chandraker, A. K. Vishnoi, P. K. Vijayan and D. Saha

Experimental Investigation of Subcooled Critical Flow Through Slits
Sandip Ghosh, D. Mukhopadhyay, Subha Mondal and S. K. Saha

Studies on Transport Phenomena During Solidification of an Aluminum Alloy in Presence of Electromagnetic Stirring: Parametric Effects
Nilkanta Barman and Pradip Dutta

A Numerical Study of Simultaneous Mould Filling and Solidification in Casting Process
Nitin Pathak, Anil Yadav, Arvind Kumar, Pradip Dutta and Supriya Sarkar

Optimization of PCM-Based Heat Sink Under Cyclic Heat Load
Sandip K. Saha and Pradip Dutta

Experimental Characterization of Droplet Motion on Inclined Hydrophobic Surfaces
S. Ravi Annapragada, Suresh V. Garimella and Jayathi Y. Murthy

Conjugate Natural Convection in Non-Circular Horizontal Annulus
A. Shaija and G. S. V. L. Narasimham

Controlling Thermal Diffusion by Nanoscale Structural Arrangement in SiGe Superlattices
Vikas Samvedi and Vikas Tomar

Detailed Distributions of Heat Transfer Coefficient in Rectangular Channels with 45 DEG Ribs on One/Two Walls
Giovanni Tanda and Roberto Abram

Flow and Heat Transfer in a Pendant Liquid Drop Sliding on an Inclined Plane
Basant Singh Sikarwar, K. Muralidhar and Sameer Khandekar

Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Dropwise Condensation and Inclined Surfaces Exposed to Vapor Flux
Nirmal Kumar Battoo, Basant Singh Sikarwar, Sameer Khandekar and K. Muralidhar

Numerical Analysis of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer in a Channel With Longitudinal Vortex Generators Using LES
P. Saha and G. Biswas

Thermo-Hydrodynamics of Developing Flow in a Rectangular Mini-Channel Array
Gaurav Agarwal, Manoj Kumar Moharana and Sameer Khandekar

Dynamic Behaviour of a Rectangular Single-Phase Natural Circuation Loop: Influence of Loop Inclination
Mario Misale and Pietro Garibaldi

Design, Construction and Testing of Potato Cubes Drying and Puffing Unit Using Heated Air Fluidized Bed System
Arvind B. Katakbond, Narendra Shah and Kannan N. Iyer

Cooling Airflow Prediction for Passenger Cars Using Detailed Underhood Geometry
A. Felix Regin

Hydraulic Characteristics of Flow Boiling of Hydrocarbon Fluids: Effect of Subcooled Boiling
V. V. Wadekar