Laboratory and Centrifuge Model Testing on Ground Improvement Studies


Amelioration of Expansive Clay Sub-Grades with Stabilized Fly Ash Cushions
Ajjarapu Srirama Rao and Guda Sridevi

Approach to Characterization of Cyclic Behavior of Artificially Bounded Soils
Sara Rios, António Viana Da Fonseca and Nilo C. Consoli

Centrifuge Modeling of Pile-Supported Earth Platforms with Non-Uniform Cement-Soil Mixing Piles
Maosong Huang and Bo Li

Characterization and Effective Utilization of Coal ASH as Soil Stabilization on Road Application
Ahmad Rifa'i, Noriyuki Yasufuku and Kazuyoshi Tsuji

Deformation Behaviour of Soil Under Vacuum Consolidation
B. R. Deepa and R. G. Robinson

Dehydration and Strength Properties of Cement-Mixed Soils with a Mechanical Dehydration
Masaki Sano, Kouki Zen, Guanqi Chen and Kiyonobu Kasama

Development of Yield Locus by Ageing of Cement-Mixed Soil in Drained Triaxial Compression
A. Ezaoui, F. Tatsuoka, Y. Maeda and Y. Sasaki

Effect of Pumping Procedure on Mechanisms of TGC Grouting
Adel M. El-Kelesh, Ken-Ichi Tokida, Tadao Oyama, Shunsuke Shimada and Takamitsu Sasaki

Effect of Smear on Load Capacity of Sand Compaction Piles
A. Juneja and B. A. Mir

Effectiveness of Cement Kiln Dusts in Stabilizing Expansive Clay
Pranshoo Solanki and Musharraf M. Zaman

Electroosmotic Phenomena in Tropical Peat
Afshin Asadi and Bujang B. K. Huat

Experimental Study of Engineering Behavior of Fibrous Peat Soil Reinforced by Cement Column
Sina Kazemian, Arun Prasad, Vahed Ghiasi and Bujang B. K. Huat

Experimental Study on At-Bottom Vacuum Preloading Method for Soft Soil Improvement
Bao Tian Wang and Vu Manh Quynh

Internal Erosional Behaviour of Lignosulfonate Treated Dispersive Clay
J. S. Vinod, Buddhima Indraratna and M. A. A. Mahamud

Mechanisms of Sulfate Heave Prevention in Lime Stabilized Clays Through Pozzolanic Additions
Anisha Sachdeva, Michael J. Mccarthy, Laszlo J. Csetenyi and M. Roderick Jones

Pullout and Large Scale Direct Shear Test of Tire Derived Geomaterial Reinforced with Geogrid
T. Tanchaisawat, T. Hino, D. T. Bergado and K. Shehzad

PVD Enhancement with Vacuum Pressure for Soft Bangkok Clay Improvement
J. Saowapakpiboon, D.T. Bergado, S. Artidteang, S. T. Montalbo and N. Teerachaikulpanich

Shaking Table Test on the Dynamic Earth Pressure of Cement-Mixed Ground
Kiyonobu Kasama, Kouki Zen and Guangqi Chen

UCS Evaluaton Tests for Cement Treated Peat Soil with Polypropylene Fibers
Behzad Kalantari and Bujang B. K. Huat