Case Histories Involving Major Infrastructure Projects


Consolidation Control of Improved Reclamaimd Clay Ground by Cone Penetration Test
Hideki Yoshida, Masaaki Katagiri and Masaaki Terashi

Execution of Stabilized Surface Layer on Soft Ground by the Pneumatic Flow Mixing Method
Yasuhiro Okubo, Hiroshi Shinsha, Takahiko Shiina and Masaki Kitazume

Explosive Compaction of Granular Soils and In Situ Liquefaction Testing Using Sequential Detonation of Explosives
W. Blair Gohl, Todd Martin and Ron J. Elliott

Jet Grouting and Its Applications
V. Ganeshan and Jee Yi Yng

Marine and Land Based Compaction Works at the Port Botany Project, Sydney
D. Berthier, J. M. Debats, G. Scharff and P. Vincent

Reclamation Execution Utilizing Cement Treated Soil by the Pipe Mixing Method
Hiroshi Shinsha, Masaya Watanabe, Syozo Ikeda and Takahiro Kumagai