Jet Grouting and Its Applications

V. Ganeshana and Jee Yi Yngb

AECOM Singapore Pte. Ltd., 300 Beach Road #03-00, The Concourse Singapore 199555.


Jet grouting is a ground modification process and its usage is driven by innovative applications. In the past, consultants seldom specified jet grouting in developing their design. Contractors proposing alternative methodology often have to surmount unfounded resistance in promoting jet grouting applications. Over time, the benefits accrued to jet grouting are recognized and this technology is specified gradually in more projects in Singapore. In jet grouting, high velocity grout or water jet is used to erode a cylindrical cavity in the ground and the cavity is replaced with cementitious material to form a jet grout pile. Mass grouting is achieved by forming multiple jet grout piles in overlapping patterns. Jet grouting is done using single, double or triple fluid system and sometimes combined with an additional mechanical mixing tool. Each jet grout system is described in detail with illustrations and the varied applications of jet grouting are presented with brief case histories of selected projects.

Keywords: Jet grouting; grouting; ground heave; hydro fracture; hydrofracture; excavation.

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