Second International Conference on Signal Processing, Image Processing and VLSI (ICrtSIV – 2015)


ISBN: 978-981-09-6200-5
Year: 2015

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It is indeed our pleasure and honor to serve as the program chairman of the Second International Conference on Signal Processing, Image Processing and VLSI (ICrtSIV- 2015). This conference is planned to provide a platform for researchers, scientists and scholars both from academia and industries where they can discuss and exchange their research thoughts to have better research plans particularly in the field of signal processing, image processing and VLSI.

There has been overwhelming response from the researchers for original research papers. There were 275 papers submitted, out of which we could finalize 152 papers. All papers submitted have been thoroughly reviewed by referees who are experts in the related fields. We have adopted various tracks for selecting the papers for the conference. Some of the major tracks are 1. Digital signal processing 2. Signal processing for communication 3. Multi dimensional processing 4.Multimedia signal processing 5.Speech processing 6.DSP implementations and embedded systems 7.Image processing 8.Medical image processing 9.Image coding and compression 10. Face recognition 11. 3-D and surface reconstruction 12.Computer vision application 13.Video processing 14. VLSIverification, mixed VLSI design and low power VLSI 15. New concepts and breakthrough in VLSI processors and devices including memory, Logic, I/O, RF, Analog, mixed Signal, High-voltage, Imager and MEMS. 16. New concepts and technologies for VLSI manufacturing 17. Advanced lithography and fine-patterning technologies for high-density VLSI. Based on the referee‘s reports, the overall acceptance is about 55%. All the papers were relevant to the respective fields. We hope that you will appreciate the conference program and quality of the paper published in the proceedings.

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