Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Cavitation


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Year: 2012

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Cavitation is such a rich basic fluid mechanic problem with multiphase flavor which does not get the odour of old science but continuously challenges us. CAV2012 is the eighth international symposium on cavitation since 1986. In this proceedings unsolved problems are addressed dating back from the first symposium while very new and exciting ones surface. One of such problems is cavitation in manufacturing, for example to remove smallest dirt particles from most delicate nano-structured surfaces with bubbles driven at high frequency ultrasound. Another emerging field is the medical use where a controlled cloud of cavitation bubbles moulds tissue into a liquid paste.

Still, we will see that cavitation remains an engineering challenge, in particular as we strive to have very large hydro-power plants, want to greatly increase the size of container ships, or the efficiency of engines. Nowhere have we seen any final solutions, but only a possible roadmap that pushes the limits to avoid, to contain, or to make use of cavitation.

This proceedings covers all aspects of cavitation, both fundamental and applied. Physical insights, numerical modeling and applications, engineering application of cavitation for marine, biomedical, manufacturing and turbomachinery are among the major topics.

Readership: Scientists, Researchers, Undergraduates and Postgraduate students, Practicing engineers and Professionals with an interest in Cavitation.

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