Integrated River Basin Management for Effective Flood Risk Reduction


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Pages: 314pp
Year: 2010

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This invaluable book describes innovative findings of integrated river basin management with specific emphasis on flood risk reduction. This book also presents the method and application of the participatory GIS and remote sensing for disaster risk assessment, which is one of the pioneering approaches in the field of flood risk and river basin management. An integrated model for flood risk reduction developed in this book can be applicable to other regions with similar context.

This highly original research in this book tackles the issue of how people at community level deal with severely increased disaster impacts, and how the larger macro political economy encounters this dilemma phenomenon, and the options for amelioration within the context of developing countries. There are three main topics in the book: (i) examine the disaster and environment linkages at local context, (ii) analyze the common perceptions and scientific evidences of those linkages; and (iii) assess the impact of the disaster on environment and socio-economy and recommend the solutions to sustainably reduce the adverse disaster impacts.

Table of contents:
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Disaster Risk Management Literature Review
Chapter 3. Disaster, Environment and Development Linkages
Chapter 4. Context of Disaster Risk Management in Viet Nam
Chapter 5. Context of Thua Thien Hue Province
Chapter 6. DRR Operation Assessment
Chapter 7. Forest Cover and Catastrophic Flood Linkages
Chapter 8. Annual Flood Impact: Issue in Coastal Areas
Chapter 9. Participatory Flood Risk Mapping
Chapter 10. Discussion and Conclusion

Readership: Researchers, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in both developed and developing countries, Practitioners, Policy makers, particularly in the fields of natural resource management and disaster risk reduction, NGOs, Professionals, Practitioners and the Local governments.

Book Release: Mr. Salvano Briceno, Director of UN ISDR released this book in the Global Platform in Geneva.

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